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Managing a promotional action on Youtube for Lorena

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How to get over 1,000,000 views and over 1,000 conversions for just over $2 per one
Furniture factory Lorena, Miass city. 138 brand shops of the factory are represented in 63 cities.
A task
The company held an action with a travel raffle, where each customer could win a vacation trip and other valuable prizes.

The goal is to attract new customers.
Promotion period 3 months
Before launch, we set up the collection of analytics. We register conversions and collect an interested audience.
Before the start of the advertising campaign, we set up goals: calls, form submissions, and transitions to viewing the kitchen catalog. We were interested not only in showing the video to a large number of people, but in getting conversions to the application and further purchase of the kitchen.
1. Child traffic. YouTube's problem is children's traffic and the low effectiveness of advertising campaigns with incorrect settings. It is important to pre-exclude it as much as possible. That is, you need to remove ads from children. At the moment, according to experience, we have already collected an extensive database of children's channels, which is constantly updated.

2. Mobile traffic. Disable display in mobile applications. Showing in them also often leads to traffic drain.
After the first test launch, we study the sites on which the display is going and make changes to the lists
The next step is to collect the audience for which we will be shown. We make audiences by keywords, by interests, remarketing and look-a-like. All audiences go to the test

During the initial launch, we prepared a test of two strategies:

1. Maximum coverage
2. Optimization for conversions

A weekly test showed that the campaign with the maximum reach really gives more reach, but the traffic did not bring a single conversion. Our task is to bring the involved traffic.

The company with conversion optimization showed itself much better and from the start began to give a good stream of targeted actions. With equal budgets, the results make a huge difference.
We left the campaign with the best results and continued to show, focusing the budget on it.
During the campaign, 1182 targeted actions were received (Applications, calls, registrations for promotions, clicks on the button to the pages of the catalog with prices).

The ad has been shown over 1,000,000 times
Average cost per 1000 impressions was $2.51
1182 conversions
Cost per conversion $2.16

Dashboards from Google Data Studio were connected to collect and analyze data
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