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Sale of real estate in the residential complex L town

How to get an application for the purchase of expensive suburban real estate for 30 cents.
contextual advertising
end-to-end analytics
website development
Country real estate complex: apartments, townhouses and houses.
A task was received from a real estate agency to set up sales of a new residential complex.
We analyzed all presented competitors. The sale was handled by several vendors. The developer also sells real estate.

We analyzed the websites of competitors and the developer. Identified strengths and weaknesses and put together a landing page for the residential complex. During the development, we took into account that most of the traffic will be from mobile devices. We made a light and understandable site with simple navigation and high loading speed. We did basic SEO optimization.
Immediately launched advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct and GoogleAds

At the start, we decided to save on full-fledged end-to-end analytics and allocated one static number for the site with redirection to the sales department. So we can calculate the total number of calls from the site.
Results of the advertising campaign for October 2019
The amount of incoming traffic in October 2019
The site was brought to the top of search engines in one month, so a good share of search traffic.

614 unique visitors attracted to the site for the period
Advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct
Monthly expenses 869.53 rubles
Number of transitions 95
The average price of the transition is 9.15 rubles
Advertising campaign in Google Ads
Total expenses for the period $ 10.45
119 visitors attracted
Average cost per click $0.09
Phone requests are tracked by the CoMagic service. We use a static number for the entire site. At the start, such analytics was enough.
Applications via the feedback form
in October 2019, 45 calls and 9 applications were recorded through the form
Total 54 leads for the period.
Period expenses
Yandex.Direct RUB 869.53
GoogleAds $ 10.45
Total: 1538.33 RUB
The average cost of a lead for all investments for the period/number of leads for the period was 28.48 rubles

Application for the purchase of expensive suburban real estate amounted to 28.48 rubles or 0,5$