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Promotion of events of all formats

The easy way from the online announcement to the “Sold out" bar!
Do you have an event planned for which you need to gather spectators or participants? Concerts, exhibitions, performances, sports and entertainment shows, educational trainings, online seminars, presentations.
Our specialists will develop a personal advertising strategy for you, taking into account the specifics of the event, the target audience and budget optimization.
Experience in promoting and organizing spectacular and other events - 20 years
Individual approach to the client's project
Location of work - the entire territory of the Russian Federation, good knowledge of the specifics of each region
Efficiency/compliance with deadlines
Work under the contract
A large staff of specialists and consultants from different fields of activity
Always in touch with the client
* Exclusive
Basic services
Development of selling creatives
(layout design)
Contextual advertising (, Google Ads)
Targeted advertising on social networks (Facebook, VK, Instagram, Tik Tok)
YouTube Video Ads
Selection of outdoor advertising
Placement of announcements in the media
Selection of a venue for the event
Preparation of project estimates
Development of an advertising campaign
Conducting work with the site (from administrative to technical issues)
Hiring a licensed security company
Coordination of the event (Ministry of Emergency Situations, Law and Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Medical Service, if necessary, City Administration, Ministry of Culture, Rospotrebnadzor, Explosion hazard check)
Logistics organization
Transfers/selection of vehicles
Providing a technical rider
Choosing the optimal hotel (taking into account the rider, logistics and discounts)
Catering (if daily allowances are not provided)
Catering/dressing room
Ticket verification
Selection of other personnel (movers, cloakroom attendants, promoters, costumers...)
Reports Russian Copyright Society
Provision of other points of the household rider
Conducting anti-science events (during the pandemic)
*Turnkey project administration
How we work
Conclusion of the contract
The customer and the contractor discuss the terms of cooperation, tasks, deadlines. Conclude a contract
Monitoring the response of the target audience, optimizing the effectiveness of the advertising campaign
The contractor analyzes the features of the project, the conditions for its implementation. Monitors competitors, identifies hidden interference, and studies the target audience. Based on this, he chooses an advertising campaign strategy, suitable tools and information channels for promotion
At this stage, the calculation of the working estimate, optimization and coordination with the Customer takes place
Development of selling creatives (texts, electronic layouts, videos). Launch: submission to moderation, launch analysis
Preparation/approval of estimates
Launching an advertising campaign/project
Performance monitoring/ Sales analysis
Ensuring the stable operation of the project, maintaining efficiency at an acceptable level. Metrics/Statistics