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LOGIEK - Development of a mobile application

Software and hardware complex for safety and rescue of divers
Backend for storing history: PHP, SQL
Our company is engaged in the development of server infrastructure, the creation of software, mobile and desktop applications, as well as regular sites. By participating in this project, we have created software for navigation and communication devices for divers.
Iland Black
Application: Android Java
Technical Director
The essence of the project
Logiek is a software and hardware complex for the safety and rescue of divers. It consists of a set of sealed mobile beacons, which are part of the equipment of divers, and a base station that collects data from the beacons and distributes information about their movement and status to smartphones connected to it via Wi-Fi. My task was to develop a mobile application that receives this data and visualizes it on a map along with all related information, such as the distance to the beacon, the time of the last transmission, the status and the route traveled. It also triggers an alarm in case of emergencies in the water.
Goals and objectives of the project
The main goal was to develop a simple, reliable and convenient application that allows inexperienced users to interact effectively with it on a ship in the middle of the sea without the Internet. As a fact, it's about saving lives.
An additional task was to build routes and send them to the cloud for further storage and analysis.
Main difficulties
  • Lack of network coverage
  • Diverse fleet of devices
  • An unique hardware solution for beacons and a station with its own data transfer protocol
Logiek is a unique software and hardware product that allows all crew members remaining on the boat to track the movement of a group of divers from their smartphones and ensure their safety on the high seas.
Technology stack
Application: Android Java
Backend for storing routes: PHP