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Development of the Lover`s Guide mobile application

The Phrasebook for Lovers app is a thematic phrasebook carefully designed by linguists for couples who do not speak the same language well.
Android Java, iOS Swift
Iland Black
The main tasks of the project
The project consisted of three parts.
1. Android App
2. App for iOS
3. A web service for coordinating a team of linguists filling the database with phrases in several languages (6 languages at the start).
Full development and publication of the project was required.
Task Features
1. Ability to work offline
2. Dividing the database into free phrases and those available by subscription
3. Connecting translation services, text-to-speech and vice versa
Technology stack
PHP, SQLite, Android Java, iOS Swift
The project was successfully launched, the database was filled, the applications were published in the Appstore and Google Play. Scored several thousand users.