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Merci online store development

Online store with more than 10,000 items for wholesale and retail trade
PHP7 JavaScript XML
Full development cycle
Our company is developing an online store for a network of professional cosmetics, nail, hair and decorative cosmetics stores.
Iland Black
Network of shops of professional cosmetics "Merci"
Goals and objectives of the project
  • Develop a lightweight modern design that is comfortable even for inexperienced users
  • Make adaptive layout for all screen sizes from small phones to large 4K monitors
  • Develop a fast website engine to work with large volumes of goods
  • Lay the foundation for effective search engine optimization
Specific tasks
  1. Develop a full-fledged synchronization of goods and orders between product accounting system and the site
  2. Implement a mechanism for the exchange, accounting and visualization of complex marketing promotions, such as gifts, cumulative and overlapping discounts from the volume of goods in a position and order
  3. Connect Internet acquiring, including post-payment and refund mechanisms
  4. Develop a shipping cost calculator that depends not only on the location, but also on the weight and dimensions of the cargo
  5. Make integration with RetailCRM. Exchange of orders, statuses of orders and payment
  6. Make integration with marketplaces
  7. Design and implement a flexible and fast mechanism for filtering a catalog according to various characteristics, such as color, transparency, volume, etc.
Main difficulties
  1. A large constantly updated database of products with a volume of a little less than 3GB at the time of launch, and a large predictable load required effective solutions to minimize delays while working proccess with the site.
  2. Custom product accounting system configuration needed special attention and close interaction with the development team, as it was important to minimize errors in further use.
A stable online store that requires minimal technical support and is able to run on shared hosting in a medium configuration. At the moment it is working successfully.
Technology stack
PHP7, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML