aim software development & advertising

Setting up Web analytics and end-to-end business intelligence

End-to-end analytics will help increase the effectiveness of advertising. Tracking from first click to deal. We connect advertising accounts and sales from CRM. Track the exact ROI, ROMI and LTV for each
We will audit analytics systems, eliminate errors
Connect dynamic call tracking and connection with CRM systems
We will select the appropriate web analytics services, set goals and events
We will create convenient dashboards for tracking KPI
Assistance in choosing and connecting telephony
We set up a virtual ATS, connect static numbers and dynamic call tracking. We track all incoming calls to the company and fix them in CRM
Collection of all advertising sources in one system
Analysis of customer acquisition channels from click to sale, cost control at each stage of the funnel. We register and take into account all incoming applications
Setting up end-to-end business intelligence services
Calltouch, Roistat, Calltouch or UIS
Creating user-friendly dashboards
We highlight KPIs that are important for business on a convenient dashboard
Implementation of end-to-end analytics
Managing a promotional action on Youtube for Lorena
How to get over 1,000,000 views and over 1,000 conversions for just over $2 per one
Google Data Studio
Youtube video promotion
Google ADS
Google Analytics
Sale of real estate in the residential complex L-town
How to get an application for the purchase of expensive suburban real estate for 30 cents.
Сontextual advertising
Website development
Development, support and promotion of the manufacturer of paving slabs "Nobetek"
For two years of work in the project, the plant has been brought to a leading position in the Moscow market. The company's revenue increased more than 10 times.
Contextual advertising
KIA dealership promotion
How to reduce the cost of an application for the purchase of a car to $ 1 in a pandemic
Google ADS