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solutions for any task.
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Development of websites,
online services and mobile apps
Setting up and managing advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads
Implementation of end-to-end analytics, telephony and CRM systems

Development and promotion of websites, applications and client-server solutions

Managing a promotional action on Youtube for Lorena
How to get over 1,000,000 views and over 1,000 conversions for just over $2 per one
Google Data Studio
Youtube video promotion
Google ADS
Google Analytics
Development of online store for Merci
Online store with more than 10,000 items for wholesale and retail trade. Integration with CRM
Sale of real estate in the residential complex L-town
How to get an application for the purchase of expensive suburban real estate for 30 cents.
Сontextual advertising
Website development
Logiek online service development
Logiek is an innovative software and hardware product that allows you to track the movement of a group of divers under water and ensure their navigation and safety on the high seas.
Java c API Android 4.4+
Development of the ASCAE online service
Development of an automated system for commercial metering of electricity (ASCAE) for enterprises and residential complexes
AWS Aurora MySQL, Docker
KIA dealership promotion
How to reduce the cost of an application for the purchase of a car to $ 1 in a pandemic
Google ADS
Development, support and promotion of the manufacturer of paving slabs "Nobetek"
For two years of work in the project, the plant has been brought to a leading position in the Moscow market. The company's revenue increased more than 10 times.
Contextual advertising
We are always open to cooperation
We find a solution for any problem. Just tell us about it.
AIM is a reliable development partner for many startups and big brands.
Our advantages
We take a comprehensive approach
We select the necessary tools to solve your problem. We allocate a team led by an Internet marketer or product manager. Draw up an action plan, move in iterations, analyze the results, adjust the plan if necessary.
We don`t work en masse
We take on a limited number of projects in order to immerse ourselves in the client's business as much as possible, devote enough time to it and provide the best client service. With us it is comfortable as if we are full-time employees.
We do not promise the impossible
We don't hide anything. We openly discuss risks and look for optimal solutions. We provide a detailed work plan and transparent reports. We manage all the tasks for the project in the task manager - you can watch our work online.
We work according to time and material
We calculate the cost of services individually for each project, based on the desired results and the required resources. With regular customers, it is possible to switch to the fixed + bonus payment option.
Maria Grossman
If in three words to talk about the Internet marketing agency AIM Operatively. Effective. Qualitatively. Our concert agency has been cooperating with the guys for 4 years already, with their support we have held dozens of major entertainment events throughout Russia. The guys know how to clearly define the desired target audience, showing ads only to those who could potentially be interested. As a result, efficiency increases, and the advertising budget is not dissipated in the vastness of the virtual space.
Director of the concert agency "Grand Concert"
Harzhanovich Artem
The UralTechCenter company, the official LADA dealer in Chelyabinsk, expresses its sincere gratitude to the AIM Internet Marketing Agency. During the period of our cooperation in maintaining LADA social networks, we noted your competence, efficiency and desire to do your work efficiently and in a timely manner. Your company has become for us the ideal of mutually beneficial cooperation. We would like to especially note your Internet marketers, and in particular Nadezhda Sergeeva, who promptly posted interesting posts, invented and implemented pranks among subscribers. In addition, she professionally and correctly answered all the questions that arose from clients, thereby increasing the loyalty and involvement of the group members. Thank you for your professionalism!
Head of Marketing Department, UTC Lada
Kislinsky Anton
We are engaged in the development and production of LED lighting systems. For the further development of the company and attracting traffic, there was an urgent need to develop a website. We turned to the company "Internet Marketing Agency AIM". The task was complicated by setting up automation and communication with our production program. The guys are very adequate, together they quickly prepared those tasks and got to work. They coped with the task perfectly, the site was made on the engine of their own design. The work was completed on time. Everything works quickly and accurately. Recommended! Will definitely use this company next time.
Marketing Director of LLC PKF "Lighting"
Denisova Yulia
Thank you for your professionalism and quality work. Special thanks for customer service! Your reports are pleasant to read, everything is specific and clear. We will definitely continue to use your services and recommend to everyone. Special thanks to Alexander Ryabkov for working on the site!
Director of LLC "Partner"
Dmitry Karmazinov
Paid traffic specialist in search engines
Universal fighter for high conversion. Development of effective advertising campaigns in Yandex Direct and Google ADS
Nikita Kuzmin
Social media traffic specialist
Strategic planning of marketing of companies in social networks. Building an audience engagement strategy.

Iland Black

CTO, Full Stack Developer
A wide range of skills and tools. Deep knowledge and love for technology.

Artur Kiros

Product Manager, internet marketer
Development of a strategy for the development and promotion of projects and project management.
Alexander Ryabkov
Internet marketer of a wide profile
Develops and implements effective advertising campaigns. End-to-end analytics of return on investment in advertising.